SEO Link Building Tip For A Text Anchor

SEO Link Building Tip For A Text Anchor

SEO Link Building Tip For A Text Anchor link between your blog pages and posts and all on autopilot.  This SEO Link Building Tip saves us lot’s of time.  And it can really boost your on page SEO efforts at the same time.  But what we love the most about it – is that it all happens on auto pilot!

SEO Link Building Tip VideoIn the [VIDEO] below – I’ll show you how to install this free plug in.  And I’ll also show you how to set it up on your own blog.  And this is important from an SEO view point.  I say that because if we are careful in creating very defined categories – we can enable this tool to place very relevant keyword phrase links in text anchor format – right on our blog posts or pages.

Now you might be thinking that this doesn’t sound like a big deal – because we are in total control of what phrases that we use when making text anchor phrases.  And that’s true for the present – or the posts and pages that we have already created.  But what about posts and pages that you create in the future?

Well – this tool will add relevant SEO Link Building links to your existing posts and pages – as you create new posts and pages.  And that my friend is a huge time saver for all of us bloggers.  So let’s take a look at the video and see how this work a look at how this tool works.

SEO Link Building Links In Text Anchor Format Via A Free Plugin – [VIDEO]

Huge time saver huh?

Well I hope that this video and this SEO Link Building tip helps you and your blog.  And we are now working on a whole series of videos aimed at helping small businesses with getting more “Highly Targeted” traffic to their small business websites and blogs.

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