MLM Clue To Online Lead Generation

MLM Clue To Online Lead Generation

MLM Clue To Online Lead Generation is what the Full Time Life site is all about for people who are building a work from home Network Marketing Business.  And I say that because online lead generation seems to be the biggest mystery for people who are trying to build an MLM type of business.

MLM Clue On A Full Time LifeSo – let’s pull back the curtain and clear up this mystery a little bit – so you can start to become more successful starting today!

Okay so you get exposed to Network Marketing and you join a company.  Then your sponsor say’s to you….”sit down and make a list of 100 names of your friends and family.”  And that’s what almost every single one of us are told to do.

Now there are two critically things wrong with that strategy!  In fact – these two things are setting you up to fail with your Network Marketing business – from the very beginning!

MLM Clue #1

So your first clue to real success in MLM is that you will need a much bigger list – than just a measly 100 names.  Why do I say that?  Well…….in marketing most of us know that most of us will only get about a 1% conversion.  Or put a little differently – you will only get 1 person to join your MLM out of 100 names.

And that my friend is why so many people fail when they start up a work from home, network marketing type of business.

Anyway – don’t get all bummed out.  Like I said…..we all seem to start out the same way.

Okay now the second thing wrong with this strategy is that your list is made up of people who know you very well…..and most likely……they are not interested in what you are doing.  I mean think about that for a minute.

If they are not interested in getting involved in a work from home business – aren’t you getting set up to fail right off the bat?

Yeah you are…..and that is my point.

Okay so how do we fix that?  Well we make two changes to our strategy.

Change number one is that we get into online lead generation.  And by doing that – we can get a whole lot more than 100 names.  In fact – we could get thousands of names!  And not just any names and that’s what change number two is all about.

Now change number two is that the names that we do get will already be interested in working from home!

So think about that for a minute.  Do you think that you could have more success in your business if you had thousands of names…..instead of one hundred?  And do you think that it might be easier to build your Network Marketing type of business – if your leads were actually interested in starting a business of their own?

You know – different than if you had people on your list that were not interested in building a work from home business?

Well of course you could have more success!

MLM Online Lead Generation Is Your Number One MLM Clue

Okay so in the beginning of this post I made a statement.  I said “MLM Clue To Online Lead Generation is what the Full Time Life site is all about for people who are building a work from home Network Marketing Business.”

You see this site is the craziest site that you may ever find.  in fact – it may soon become your most favorite place to visit online.

So what will this site do for you – in your journey to solve the MLM Clue To Online Lead Generation?

Well check this out:

  • This site will help introduce you to lots of people – who are interested in building a work from home business!
  • This site will help you get leads……lots of leads!
  • This site will give you training like you have never seen before!  And all in one place!
  • And……this site will help train YOUR Network Marketing Team… you don’t have to!

But wait – there’s more – LOL!

In fact – there is a whole lot more that I am holding back until we open.  So shhhhhh……don’t tell anyone yet!

But seriously – here is a mother of an MLM Clue for your online lead generation.  This site is a membership site.  And it will instantly create for you – a brand and an online presence that could have taken you years to learn how to do.  In fact – most people could never even dream of what we are doing here.  Never mind actually doing it themselves!

But all you have to do is Become A Member!  And then – this site becomes your own site to use!

So if you want to solve that elusive MLM Clue to success when it comes to getting leads and building a large MLM business……check out A Full Time Life and watch for our Grand Opening!  Because we are getting ready to open the door very soon.  So check us out and keep an eye out for the Grand Opening!

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